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Note: This guide is under constructon. Material is in the process of being added.


This FHIR implementation guide defines information exchanges supporting specialty product enrollment.

In support of industry standardization efforts, this guide is based largely on the published HL7 Specialty Medication Enrollment FHIR IG which was developed through a collaboration between NCPDP and HL7.

As such, this can be considered a “companion guide” that tailors the data specifications and exchange methods described in that IG to the particular scope of the Point-of-Care prescription enrollment application.


This guide is an initial draft which will be refined based on development experience and input from our partners.

Scope of This Guide

In scope

This guide focuses on unsolicited exchanges of information between the Enrollment Application and partner systems supporting Patient Support Programs.

Out of scope of this version of the guide

The guide does not include other capabilities described in the HL7 Specialty Medication Enrollment FHIR IG, including:

  • Query Request / Response using FHIR messaging and the associated patient matching process
  • Submission of Task resources for the purpose of prompting the launch of SMART applications

The guide may be expanded to cover additional scenarios or content in the future.

Content and Organization

Note: These sections are in the process of being added to the guide.

The guide is organized into the following sections:


Point-of-Care Partners
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