POCP Prescription Enrollment
0.1.0 - CI Build US

POCP Prescription Enrollment - Local Development build (v0.1.0). See the Directory of published versions

Message Submission and Acknowledgment

Operation: $process-message

Messages are POSTed to the recipient using the $process-message operation…

  • URL: [base]/$process-message

Details from the base FHIR specification are here.

$process-message Parameters

The $process-message operation SHALL contain a single content parameter consisting of a FHIR message (a Bundle containing a MessageHeader resource).


  • Because the Process Message operation does not use the Parameters resource, the “content” parameter is always the body of the HTTP message.

  • The async and response-url Process Message parameters are not used in the exchanges described in this guide.

Synchronous Response

After processing an incoming $process-message submission, the recipient acknowledges the message with a 200 OK HTTP status code, or returns an HTTP error code and OperationOutcome (below) if the message cannot be processed.

Error Response

If the recipient encounters an error when processing a message received at its $process-message endpoint, it SHOULD return an OperationOutcome with information describing the exception situation.

The OperationOutcome:

  • SHALL contain a definition of severity in the OperationOutcome.issue.severity field.
  • SHALL contain a definition of the type of error in the OperationOutcome.issue.code element.
  • SHOULD provide additional diagnostic details of the error in OperationOutcome.diagnostics property
  • SHOULD contain details of the error in the OperationOutcome.issue.details.coding.display field.
  • SHOULD contain an OperationOutcome.issue.details.coding.code value.